I've had many people ask me what's left. Here is a quick breakdown (information taken from Courtney's website: http://www.china-adoption-online.com/adopting-a-child.html) -----

1) We must file Form I-800 with USCIS. It will take approximately 3 weeks to receive I-800 approval.

2) When we have I-800 approval, our officer will forward our approval to the NVC (National Visa Center). NVC will upload our approval into their system and cable (send) our approval to the US consulate. Then the NVC will issue a letter stating they have done this. It takes about one week to be cabled and another week to receive the letter.

3) Once we receive the NVC letter , we'll immediately send it to our agency! They will deliver this letter to the US consulate in China.

4) When the consulate has our NVC letter, they will issue our Article 5 in 2-3 weeks. The Article 5 is the consulate pre-approving Meili for an immigrant visa. Our agency will have a courier pick up the Article 5 and take it to the CCAA.

5) Once the CCAA receives the Article 5, the Travel Approval will then be issued. This takes around 2-4 weeks. At this point, our agency will finalize travel arrangements for us to go to China and adopt Meili!

6) Secure an immigration appointment with the US consulate. This has to be done in order for them to issue Meili a visa. A US visa allows her to enter the US. She will enter the US as a US citizen.

7) Buy airline tickets.

8) Pack our suitcases and one for Meili.

9) Travel to China and bring Meili home!
7/30/2011 04:32:29 am

can you tell me the agency you & your sweetie used for your punkin's adoption? I do not know anyone personally who has gone the international route and I an totally overwhelmed by the info i am finding on the net!

7/31/2011 02:26:35 pm

Susan - We used Dillon International. They are based out of Tulsa, OK. We've had a good experience with them thus far.


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