Through Meili's yahoo SWI group, I found a family who will be traveling to HOG in July. They have agreed to take Meili a small care package. Woohoo! This is awesome for us. I hope they get to meet her and give her lots of love. They are volunteering at HOG for 1 day and have told me how Ben and I can go about doing this. She said that we need to get Sandra our information early as we have to be approved by the Chinese government. I guess they need to make sure we are legit. I guess it's a good thing that we're used to being checked out.
          On another note, the agency received the *last* piece of documentation from us on Friday, April 7 for the dossier. It was the notarized copy of the I-800A approval. I paid extra for delivery confirmation as I wanted to make certain that they received it. I checked online today @ USPS and, sure enough, they did!

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