She's been sick. She had red bumps all over her and was taken to the SWI for treatment. She was given shots and the red bumps went away. I'm not sure if it was a rash, allergic reaction, or some kind of skin infection. Her roommate was adopted on Monday, so Meili is now alone in her room. I think this is actually good b/c she'll get used to sleeping on her own. I wish that I knew where her roommate was going, probably here. It'd be nice to know her parents' names so the girls could keep in contact. Her caregiver said that Meili is a favorite among the ayis and is spoiled! She's always trying to get their attention and can be quite stubborn. She sounds like my daughter already.
9/1/2011 04:46:28 am

Yes she does.

9/2/2011 04:08:03 am

LOL lil sis!

9/5/2011 03:41:52 am

She is your daughter...sounds just like you when you were age. I remember....
we're so ready for her to get


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