The average time frame from DTC to LID is 17 days. We are now past this. WTF?!?!!! LID marks the half way point of waiting. And I'm waiting for the half way point of waiting. WAITING! WAITING! WAITING! for a LID date.....

My daughter is waiting in an orphanage. in China. with no parents to tuck her in at night. no one to say "I love you". no pets to pester her. no cousins to fight with. She has hundreds, yes hundreds, of people who can't wait to meet her. Yet, she continues to wait in an orphanage. At least she has a family waiting for her. Even if it takes us another 6 months to get there. What about all of the other kids in orphanages around the world? They have no parents. no siblings. no pets. no home. What about them? It's times like right now that I wished I had millions of dollars so that I could adopt all of the orphans of the world. I would need a gigantic house as there are about 147 million orphans. At least by the end of 2011, there will be one less.orphan in the world.

And maybe by the end of 2012, there will be two less orphans in the world. But that's a tale for another blog - as this one is ALL about MEILI.

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