This area is for the in China travel. Will be leaving October 5... stay tuned!
Angela Daniels
10/3/2011 06:53:09 am

I am a research assistant at Kennesaw State University working on a research project with Dr. Nicole Martin. We are examining the adjustment to parenthood through adoption. We are recruiting married women who are about to travel to adopt a baby through international adoption. We are located in Atlanta but we are conducting this study entirely by mail.
In our search for participants, I noticed that you are about to travel to adopt. I wish you all the best in your adoption journey. I am wondering if I can speak to you further about our study and see if this is something you would like to participate in.
All the best

10/4/2011 11:46:33 am

Congratulations on your journey, it is truly a trip of a lifetime. Enjoy!


Karen Davis
10/5/2011 10:16:29 am

Are you there yet??

10/5/2011 12:36:28 pm

So excited for you!! Praying for safe travels and smooth attachments! Have a fabulous trip!

12/8/2011 07:30:53 am

How did the trip go? Any Tips?

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