The internet truly amazes me! After emailing HOG, Ben and I get to talk/see Meili for the first time on Tuesday @ 9:45 pm. They converse with adoptive parents on Wednesday mornings China time. This is Tuesday night for us as they're 13 hours ahead of us. I can't wait!
7/30/2011 01:02:54 pm

That is so awesome!

8/1/2011 12:54:34 pm

I just found your blog. Thanks for sharing this journey. We are planning to start a special needs adoption from China in about 16 months. The wait is due to needing to decrease our current debt and make sure we have phase 1 saved up before we begin, as we know that with a special needs child it can go as quickly as a year or so. Your blog is helping me grasp the task before us, but also is very, very exciting to watch play out! We already have 4 children of our own and two with special needs, so I'm sure she'll fit right in! Thanks for sharing your journey - I will be 'watching' how it goes!


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