I am on Day 35 for the wait for fingerprints @ USCIS. My I-800A receipt date was 2/7 and the fingerprint appointment is 3/25. I have been asked by those who are familiar with USCIS: "Why don't we just walk in?" There are a few reasons for that.
1) There is no guarantee that we will be able to walk in. Most people are successful but that doesn't mean everyone is.
2) We work full-time and are saving up all our PTO for travel and FMLA. If we are unsuccessful with the walk in, then we would have to take another day off of work. Too risky.
3) The nearest USCIS office is over 2 hours away. As it stands now, we are staying in a hotel the night before our appointment. If we were unsuccessful with a walk in, then we would have wasted money on a hotel.
4) With current processing times, it doesn't matter when we get fingerprinted as USCIS is only approving receipt dates of mid-January. By the time they get to February, we will be fingerprinted.

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