We received update #2 yesterday via email. Our girl is big by Chinese standards - 85% in height and weight and normal by American standards - 55% in height and weight. She is almost the size of my 19 month old niece, Piper. When we started this journey, I expected her to be small. Big kids run in my family so at least she has this in common with us (even though we don't share the same DNA).

Update #2 is an official report from the SWI. However, some of the information does not match the information from the referral, like her birth date, location of her SN, etc. And, the update contains standard responses that I see on many other families' blogs. Because of this, I don't put a lot of trust into the content of the updates. I just like them for the photos. By looking at the photos, I can tell that she is growing and developing. In the end, this is all that matters.

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