Wednesday, October 5
Depart USA to China.

Thursday, October 6
Arrive in Hong Kong. Check into Hong Kong hotel.

Friday, October 7
Visit Victoria Peak in morning. Visit Victoria Harbour and watch light show in evening.

Saturday, October 8
Arrive in Guangzhou from Hong Kong by train. A guide receives the family at Guangzhou railway station and helps them check in at the Victory Hotel.

Sunday, October 9
Meet Meili at the Guangdong Provincial Adoption Center in the afternoon.

Monday, October 10
Complete the adoption proceedings at the Adoption Center in the morning.

Tuesday, October 11
Complete the medical exam at the clinic in the morning. Apply for Meili’s Chinese passport at the police station in the afternoon.

Wednesday, October 12
Visit Chen Clan Academy.

Thursday, October 13
Visit the Yangchun Comprehensive SWI (approximately 3.5 hour drive each way).

Friday, October 14
Receive Meili’s Chinese passport in the afternoon.

Saturday, October 15
Visit Safari Park and have a Chinese lunch.

Sunday, October 16
Visit Yuntai Garden.

Monday, October 17
U.S. Consulate appointment at 8:30 a.m. to submit paperwork and complete oath-taking ceremony.

Receive Meili’s U.S. visa at the U.S. Consulate in the afternoon.
Depart for Hong Kong by train.

Wednesday, October 19
Fly back to USA.
April Z.
9/29/2011 12:56:33 am

I found your blog through Rumor Queen and I've really enjoyed looking through and seeing all the pictures and videos of your beautiful little girl! She is such a cutie!! You guys are really blessed to have so many photos and so much contact with her and her caregivers in China. Congratulations on your adoption and I'll be looking forward to following your journey.

10/4/2011 08:33:22 am

10/4/2011 08:36:18 am

Can you believe you are leaving tommorrow? It's really surreal, or it was for me anyway. Have a wondeful trip! Hope Meili transitions well. We will be following you blog.


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