She was quite active - all over her caregiver's lap and the desk. She has started talking. Her first recognizable word for us was 'baba'. This is dad in Mandarin. Give her a few days with me and I'll make sure that she knows 'mama'. LOL!

Travel plans are coming along - slowly but surely. I still have to find a hotel for Hong Kong. We're spending 2 days in HK prior to traveling to GZ. Ben wants to take the tram to Victoria Peak and I want to see the night laser show in the harbor. I figure that these two activities will be enough as we will be exhausted from the jet lag and 13 hour time difference. I have been looking for a hotel in the Kowloon section of HK. I'm sure that I'll eventually find something. We will stay in HK for one night prior to flying back to the USA. I've already booked the Marriott adjacent to the HK airport. It has a free shuttle that runs like every 15 minutes.
9/29/2011 03:11:39 pm

The sky city Marriott in hong kong was fabulous!!!


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