Ann sent me 6 new photos this morning. All I can say is WOW! She is getting so tall. She got our first care package too. That's evident by the photo taped to the wall by her crib. It cracks me up -- to think that our faces are on a wall in China for our daughter to look at each day. This photo was taken on 7/11 - just 4 days ago.

We also received more fantastic news! The leader of the orphanage staff provided us with her email address and wants us to skype with them and Meili. They've started doing this for adoptive families. She and her husband know English fairly well. I'm going to contact her this weekend and get this set up ASAP!

7/16/2011 12:15:44 pm

She is so cute! How awesome to get to Skype and see her in action! Hope your I800 gets fixed this week and you get approved.

7/27/2011 05:36:51 am

She is too cute Julie!! Can't wait to meet her!!

8/10/2011 07:08:06 am

So happy for you that you can skype! I have not heard that anywhere else yet, very exciting! :) What agency are you with? We are with Holt International, on the "China Child of Promise" route. We are working on our Dossier, and just finished the home study visits. I found you on youtube. Thanks for sharing your journey. Pop by my blog http://www.barefootandadopting.blogspot.com I will be excited to watch as your story unfolds.


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