the Article 5 is picked up from the USA consulate in GZ! If everything goes accordingly, the Article 5 will be picked up by my agency's rep on Tuesday, 8/16/11 - this is 3 days from now. The CCAA needs the Article 5 in order to issue TA.

What comes next?

The rep will mail the Article 5 to the CCAA. Currently, they are taking 2-4 weeks to process these and issues TAs. My guess is that we'll receive our TA during the week of September 5 and travel the last week of September.

8/14/2011 10:37:52 am

Thanks again for sharing your journey - watching the progress gets me excited for when we can also pursue our adoption of a special needs girl from China. Do you mind me asking what agency you are using?

8/15/2011 02:29:01 am

We're using Dillon International!


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