It's official! After praying to God, saying a few Hail Marys, and projecting positive thoughts, I received the email that I've been waiting 21 days for. Meili's LID is 5/09/11 - exactly when I predicted according to the travel to TA table on Rumor Queen. The downhill descent has begun!

I found out via email while sitting in the waiting room @ the dermatologist's office. I had a few minutes to kill so I pulled up my personal email account on my iphone. I saw 2 emails from my agency. The first one was congratulating us on Meili's LID. The second was asking us to list questions that we wanted answers to for update #2. I think I emailed our agency about 20 questions. I know that we won't get all of them answered but a few would be good. I also asked several of the same questions from update #1. I want to compare answers to see if the information provided to us is the same.

After the MD appointment, I got into my car and started crying. It's really happening. I've wanted this little girl for almost 20 years and it's finally coming to fruition. I called Ben and left him a message while I was crying. I collected myself and called my Mom. I started crying again as I talked to her. I briefly cried at work. After work today, I cried twice on the commute home. It's happy tears...tears of relief and joy. Ben and I have wanted a child since we got married and this dream is about to come true!

The skeptic in me says to wait until Meili's LOA arrives, before truly believing that this will work out. The LOA should be here in approximately 60 days from the LID. Just have to wait 2 more months for my confidence and belief to be 100%. All I can say is that Meili is so very much loved, wanted, dreamed, and hoped for by Ben and me. While I cannot speak for my husband, I can say that she will fill an empty space in my heart. A space that previously has been occupied by anger, sadness, despair, and sorrow.

I cannot wait to meet this little girl and bring her home to Arkansas!

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