We're almost halfway thru the waiting period and I have started to obsess over time. If we are DTC on this date, then we can expect a LID on this date, putting us in China approximately in blank month. I'm a member of the RQ forum and one of the members keeps a table of everyone's dates. This allows others to project an approximate date as to when they will get LOA, LID, TA, travel, etc. From my current calculations (I've always wanted to say that), a conservative travel date is mid-October. If the stars were to align and Santa granted my Christmas wish, we could travel as early as mid-September. This new conservative travel date kind of puts a wrench in my early planning. I will be enrolled in a fall class. Missing 3 weeks of school (at the beginning) of the semester is not what I planned. I originally thought we would travel around Thanksgiving. This would have worked out well with my school as everyone goes on a mini holiday break. Obviously, Ben and I will travel as early as possible regardless of my class schedule. I may just have to skip the Fall and enroll in the Spring. Meili is way more important!
4/7/2011 10:32:16 am

I am also obsessing over the wait!!! My husband asked the agency yesterday when she called to tell us we were DTC and she said we would probably travel in 4.5-6.5 months. Late October is a really long time from now!!!
Caroline (mutiger from RQ)


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