It's time to celebrate! The dossier is on its way to China. Once it arrives, Bridge of Love Adoption Services will translate it into Chinese. From there, the CCAA (they have a new name but I don't know what it is) has 30 days to "log in" the dossier into their computer system. From the LID (log in date), travel to China will occur in 6 months. LID marks the top of the down hill descent. Average time frames from DTC to LID is 2 weeks. This will put us at the week of May 9 for LID. What's left after LID?
               LOA: average wait time from LID to LOA is 8 weeks. mid-July
               I-800 approval: average wait time from LOA to I-800 is 4 weeks. mid-August
               Travel Approval (official invitation from China to travel): average wait time from I-800 to TA is 10 weeks. late October
               Consulate Appointment (official invitation from USA to travel): shooting for CA of 2nd week in November
               Travel to China: first week of November
Of course, all of this is subject to change at any time. These dates are just projections based on current time frames. With international adoption, things are *ALWAYS* apt to change as there are 2 governments involved in the process.

9/25/2012 02:08:15 pm

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