Yesterday, I was able to meet Ben at his credit union and get 2 copies of the I-800A notarized. I promptly drove to the post office and mailed them via priority mail. They should be in Tulsa today. From here, my agency will send them to the Secretary of State in LR and Chinese Consulate (either in Houston or Chicago) for further approval. Basically, they are checking to make sure the documents, signatures, and notary are legit. I'm just so thankful to have my portion of the dossier completed. What happens from here is completely out of my control. This is a relief for me as I'm very tired of paperwork. The next paperwork for China will be the LOA and I-800 but this is several months away. Honestly, I wish I had a paperwork break but we're getting licensed as foster parents which involves the same level of paperwork as an international adoption. At least I have a break at the end of April. Ben and I are going on a Caribbean cruise for 1 week. I need to restore my sanity, spirit, and marriage.
9/25/2012 02:11:42 pm

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