I'm really disappointed that we're not leaving next Wednesday for China. And with the way things have fallen, we won't be going to Beijing. National Day is October 1. The holiday is celebrated for several days. Many people flock to Beijing to see the sites and visit the capital. If we wanted to fight the crowds, we could go to Beijing and see the Great Wall, Forbidden City, etc. If we wanted to take Meili, we could go after Guangzhou. Ben and I talked about it at great length last night and decided that we'll for go Beijing. Ben is very upset about this decision but does agree that we'll be too exhausted at the end of the trip. I think we're just going to fly into HK, take the train to GZ, complete the adoption, take the train back to HK, and fly home. We'll also be in GZ for a few nights during the trade fair.

While I would love to sight see, there are quite a few factors at play - a holiday, increased cost due to the trade fair, Ben's work schedule, and my class schedule. We'll get to tour a few places in GZ - probably the Six Banyon Tree Temple (I think it's called that), the Chen Clan Academy, Safari Park, various shopping places, and a night cruise on the Pearl River. That's enough. The reason why we're going to China is to adopt Meili, not sight see. We can do a homeland tour when she's older and see all the cultural sites that we missed on this trip.
9/9/2011 01:54:49 am

Hi there , we spoke back a few months ago. Our daughter Lia was at HOG and we traveled the exact trip you are taking the same time last year. We too did the HK weekend then GZ the rest of the time. Please email me if you have any questions or want to talk about that trip what to do and expect. HK is a blast and if you have time check out the BIG BUDDHA in HK . Email me @ ally@kenneths.com

Casey Lozada
9/9/2011 03:09:12 am

Hey Julie, I'm continuing to read your blog and keep up with you guys. I can't believe it's right around the corner! We finished our app 2 but there were some papers that needed correcting. I know it sounds silly, but it crushed me. Just now getting those papers turned in. Our home study is next. I will be SOOOOO ready to be in your shoes. Thinking of yall often!

9/14/2011 05:42:23 am

Just wanted to get this to you ASAP, I emailed you late yesterday , but we used JC Travel for all of our travel arragements. They are based out of San Fran. They were wonderful


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