I've had many people already ask me about a baby shower for Meili. Here is a brief FAQ on adoption & baby showers.
     "Are you having a baby shower?" Yes, if someone wants to throw it for us. We've already has several volunteers!
     "Will you wait until she arrives?" No. We are like any other expectant parents and want to celebrate her before she arrives.
     "Why? You don't know her size." This isn't exactly true. We will receive an update on her before we travel so we'll know an approximate size. Given the circumstances, I can safely guess that she will be wearing 12 month clothes. Also during her first months home, we will be sheltering Meili from large crowds, family gatherings, etc. This helps promote attachment and lets her transition into her American home. Because of this, a baby shower with lots of people who want to hold her would be inappropriate.
     "What do you need?" Like any other expectant parent, we need the essential items for our new child. But instead of newborn items, we will need things for a 14-16 month old.
     "Why are all of these adoption and China books on your registry?" We feel that Meili needs to be surrounded with adoption and Chinese related literature. There are many wonderful age-appropriate books for young children. We want to get a jump start on her book collection.

Kelly Stiles
4/15/2011 02:29:26 am

You have to let me and mom throw you one!

4/15/2011 03:20:04 am

Of course you can Kelly!


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