Below are Meili's 1st birthday package contents from Ann @ Red Thread. She sent these to Meili's orphanage yesterday. She ordered a cake from a local bakery that should be delivered in 1-2 days. Ann also requested photos from the party. Hopefully, the staff will take a few!
Today I ordered Meili's second care package from Ann @ Red Thread. This will be her third care package total. I selected the standard girl's birthday package and added a book and set of 5 race cars. I know that the race cars aren't 'girly' but it's something that she can hold in her hand/play in her crib. Plus, the race cars can be given to other kids at the orphanage.

I also received the text from USCIS @ 12:43 am, stating that they received our I-800. Actually, I know that they received it on Wednesday but are just now sending us the text message. Whatever. It really doesn't matter. I would love for USCIS to provisionally approve us by the end of July. It's been taking them about 3 weeks, so I think this is a major possibility.
I've had many people ask me what's left. Here is a quick breakdown (information taken from Courtney's website: -----

1) We must file Form I-800 with USCIS. It will take approximately 3 weeks to receive I-800 approval.

2) When we have I-800 approval, our officer will forward our approval to the NVC (National Visa Center). NVC will upload our approval into their system and cable (send) our approval to the US consulate. Then the NVC will issue a letter stating they have done this. It takes about one week to be cabled and another week to receive the letter.

3) Once we receive the NVC letter , we'll immediately send it to our agency! They will deliver this letter to the US consulate in China.

4) When the consulate has our NVC letter, they will issue our Article 5 in 2-3 weeks. The Article 5 is the consulate pre-approving Meili for an immigrant visa. Our agency will have a courier pick up the Article 5 and take it to the CCAA.

5) Once the CCAA receives the Article 5, the Travel Approval will then be issued. This takes around 2-4 weeks. At this point, our agency will finalize travel arrangements for us to go to China and adopt Meili!

6) Secure an immigration appointment with the US consulate. This has to be done in order for them to issue Meili a visa. A US visa allows her to enter the US. She will enter the US as a US citizen.

7) Buy airline tickets.

8) Pack our suitcases and one for Meili.

9) Travel to China and bring Meili home!
Since today was the first day that businesses were open, I met Ben at the credit union to have our notary, Karen, sign about 20+ documents. Karen has notarized almost everything to date. We told her today that we'd bring Meili by once she was home.

After this was completed, I drove over to the post office to express mail 2 packages. One package needed to go back to the agency. It contained the original LOA, copy of the I-800, and various other documents. The second package was sent to the lockbox in Lewisville, Texas. It contained the I-800 and Article 16. Both packages should arrive at their destinations by noon tomorrow. I was going to try and get the visa applications ready too. But, I ran out of time and will do that next week. I'm leaving tomorrow to go to a conference in Chicago. I'd ask Ben to do it but it's just easier for me to take care of the visas next week.