I received a call @ 9:30 am at work today. It was Crystal, my social worker. I was not prepared for what she had to say: "Julie, we have a match for you". "What?!!!?" I tried to listen to Crystal but I was so shocked that I didn't hear everything that she said. I just kept repeating "ok" after everything she said or anytime she asked me a question. She emailed me her medical report and 3 photos. I didn't look @ her photos because I wanted to do that with Ben @ home. I read her medical report as well as one of my co-workers. Neither one of us found anything alarming about the report but not a lot of information was included. A lab report from October was included but that means absolutely nothing in January.

As soon as Ben got home, we looked at her photos. She truly is a beautiful baby but it wasn't love @ first sight. I just don't believe in those kind of things. But, her special need is something that we feel like we can handle and she is cute as a button! So I submitted my LOI (letter of intent) to my agency that night. It truly is a leap of faith.