Since today was the first day that businesses were open, I met Ben at the credit union to have our notary, Karen, sign about 20+ documents. Karen has notarized almost everything to date. We told her today that we'd bring Meili by once she was home.

After this was completed, I drove over to the post office to express mail 2 packages. One package needed to go back to the agency. It contained the original LOA, copy of the I-800, and various other documents. The second package was sent to the lockbox in Lewisville, Texas. It contained the I-800 and Article 16. Both packages should arrive at their destinations by noon tomorrow. I was going to try and get the visa applications ready too. But, I ran out of time and will do that next week. I'm leaving tomorrow to go to a conference in Chicago. I'd ask Ben to do it but it's just easier for me to take care of the visas next week.

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